Miss Hattie is GROWING!!!

Like I said before, we have been busy, busy, busy!!! 

I have been taking photos of Miss Hattie since she was a newborn!! Oh MY!!! She's already 9 months old!! Her mom and dad are so much fun! Over the past few months we have been having a lot of fun with Miss Hattie. She's so freaking adorable!! 

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New addition to our family!! Welcome Mr. Cade

Joe and I had to make a mad dash to Oklahoma because our daughter had her baby earlier than expected!! And OF COURSE, I couldn't pass up taking newborn photos and other family photos while we were there!! 

We had to show our inner geek and do a few with Cade wearing a padawan braid with the Millennium Falcon in the background. And his Dad, Matt, is a big Superman fan so.. Well, you can see in the photos..  

And there of course were some of Miss Lilly, our daughter Kristen, Matt, and Joe decided to take a quick snap of Kristen, Lilly, Cade and (EEEEKK!!!) me...  

Train track photos.. Why don't you do them?

Joe's out of town and here's a list for everyone!!! HAHAHAHA!! Although it is a short list, it's a bit on the serious side and I've been giving a lot of thought about this one because it kind of hit close to home because of the seriousness of it. Read on please!! 

A lot of clients wonder why I don't do those photos on train tracks. Well, there's a few yet very important reasons.

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First day - Blogging and my renewing my passion for photography!!

One of my best friends came to visit and brought her digital camera (that I almost ruined drooling over). It was about that time that my health issues started increasing so, shortly afterwards, my husband bought me my first digital camera. He knew I had a passion for photography and thought I needed something that I could focus on instead of worrying about what was to come from all the health problems. I became quite the shutterbug while experimenting with my new camera. And my passion for photography grew leaps and bounds. Then I learned how to use the different editing programs (see the before and after pic). Did I mention that I have an AWESOME husband?!? 

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