Cory and Brandii on their wedding day - filled with laughter and smiles!!

You might remember Cory and Brandii from the engagement shoot where we were photobombed by the puppy, and the rattlesnake. *EEK!* 

When we got to their wedding day, it was SO MUCH FUN!! It was filled with so many smiles, funny faces, when Joe and I got home our sides actually hurt from laughing so hard at all. 

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Train track photos.. Why don't you do them?

Joe's out of town and here's a list for everyone!!! HAHAHAHA!! Although it is a short list, it's a bit on the serious side and I've been giving a lot of thought about this one because it kind of hit close to home because of the seriousness of it. Read on please!! 

A lot of clients wonder why I don't do those photos on train tracks. Well, there's a few yet very important reasons.

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Things that EVERY Bridesmaid should know AND do

YES!! Another list.. I KNOW CRAZINESS!! Good thing Joe is out of town or I would probably be hearing the sound of duct tape and him muttering something about sticking me in the back seat until he found someone that could help me!! HAHAHAHA! 

This summer we have done quite a few weddings and have seen some really GREAT bridesmaids and maids or matrons of honors and then we have seen some yeah not so much.  What I'm going to try and do here is list some things that EVERY Bridesmaid should do!! It's not JUST for the Maid or Matron of Honor to bear the brunt anymore. The BRIDE ask you all to be a part of her IN crowd and it's a great time to be intimately involved in a very special time of her life! 

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