A snowy engagement shoot.. In April?!?!?!

Welcome to Wyoming in the Spring. LOL  

Ryan and Monica were such good sports. And I do believe Monica enjoyed the snow!! I was a bit unsure how she survived wearing a dress in the cold. And I have to admit I was relieved when she changed to jeans!! All though it wasn't sub-zero, I was still wearing my snow suit. HAHAHA! Joe and I took them up to the mountains for the shoot. The main roads were clear, but some of the snow was even knee deep on Joe! And that's saying something!

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The SMALL STUFF!!! Don't SWEAT it!! YOU Got this!!!

I know .. *sigh*.. My Lovelies I know it's been like FOREVER since I've written a blog.  HOLY COW! JNT has been busy!! We have had Boudoir clients, baby clients, engagement photo sessions, and a WEDDINGS! In addition to the crazy home life of selling a horse, a extra house that we had, and Joe being out of town working....  With that said, he was home to help me with the wedding and gave me advice on the small stuff that I had to deal with on the home stuff. 


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Erickson Wedding in Cooperation with Best of the West Photography

A couple weeks ago Cindy Shade and I went to Spearfish and did a wedding together!! We had SOOOOOOOOO much fun even though it was such a HOT day!! Here's a few photos from it!!

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Things that EVERY Bridesmaid should know AND do

YES!! Another list.. I KNOW CRAZINESS!! Good thing Joe is out of town or I would probably be hearing the sound of duct tape and him muttering something about sticking me in the back seat until he found someone that could help me!! HAHAHAHA! 

This summer we have done quite a few weddings and have seen some really GREAT bridesmaids and maids or matrons of honors and then we have seen some yeah not so much.  What I'm going to try and do here is list some things that EVERY Bridesmaid should do!! It's not JUST for the Maid or Matron of Honor to bear the brunt anymore. The BRIDE ask you all to be a part of her IN crowd and it's a great time to be intimately involved in a very special time of her life! 

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Engagement Photos - Why!?!?!

BWAHAHAHA!! Yes!!.. I'm baaaaaack with another list!! And YES!! Joe is still out of town.. *cue the duct tape peeling when he gets home* 

This time it's about Engagement Sessions...  I've had people look at me funny when I have engagement sessions included in ALL my wedding packages.  A typical response I get is 

"I don't think we want to do them, even if they're free. What do people even use them for? What's the reason to do them?"

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