It's my BIG day!!! How do I know when to schedule what when?!?!?!?!

Ok, everyone.. I'm trying to sneak this list one in with Joe in town and hopefully I won't get attacked with duct tape!!  Are you ready??  Because this one is a long one!!!!! And it's FULL of USEFUL information!!! 

Joe and I get asked all the time when we are at weddings, "When should we do the first dance?". Or Even when a bride comes and books a wedding they ask "When should you come to start shooting?" Well, hopefully I can shed some light to some with this blog. MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember about timelines on your wedding day is it's a GUIDELINE!! It is NOT the END of the world if something goes awry and gets off schedule!! Second important thing to do is ALWAYS ADD wiggle room one way or the other for special circumstances so you don't have to worry about the small stuff that pops up! It's going to happen.. and its your day.. you don't need to worry about it. That's the job of your Wedding Planner or your Bridesmaids. I will say this... some reason I have yet to figure out, the majority of weddings tend to have a natural six hour cycle for wedding to the end of reception. So for the timeline, we will use that six hour figure. Now on to the timeline... YAY!!! 

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The SMALL STUFF!!! Don't SWEAT it!! YOU Got this!!!

I know .. *sigh*.. My Lovelies I know it's been like FOREVER since I've written a blog.  HOLY COW! JNT has been busy!! We have had Boudoir clients, baby clients, engagement photo sessions, and a WEDDINGS! In addition to the crazy home life of selling a horse, a extra house that we had, and Joe being out of town working....  With that said, he was home to help me with the wedding and gave me advice on the small stuff that I had to deal with on the home stuff. 


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Tipping your Wedding Vendors..What?? You're supposed to do that??!?!?!

The brides are probably looking at the title of the blog saying the same thing it says. There are NO HARD and rules of etiquette when it comes to tipping wedding vendors. It really comes down to good of a job that vendor does and how you feel that they did. The other thing is that for some of the vendors it does NOT have to be a CASH tip!!! 

Usually the question I hear is do you have to tip your Wedding Vendors? . Followed immediately by "Who?" "How much?" and then  "Do I really have to?"

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Train track photos.. Why don't you do them?

Joe's out of town and here's a list for everyone!!! HAHAHAHA!! Although it is a short list, it's a bit on the serious side and I've been giving a lot of thought about this one because it kind of hit close to home because of the seriousness of it. Read on please!! 

A lot of clients wonder why I don't do those photos on train tracks. Well, there's a few yet very important reasons.

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I just knew Joe was going to get me with as many list blogs I did! HAHAHA!! And for those that don't know Joe and I, he did NOT really duct tape me. He DID however hijack my laptop and did really do that last blog post!  I hate to say it, but I am not going to do a list today. I know, I know, so disappointing!!  But HEY, I STILL have exciting news. 

However, I'm not sure if everyone knows that I'm on the board of the N.E. Wyoming Photography Club, and we were invited to participate in a very special type of photo shoot. This shoot is to embrace the photography industry and empower women in the industry. Deanna Phoenix of PhoenixPhotos, Jessica Lass of 1000 Words Photography, Becky Pickrel of Pickrel Art & Photography and I have been busy little bees working to get everything together. And the ladies that are going to be participating in the photo shoot have been busy gathering up their black dresses. 

Well, today is the BIG day for our photo shoot! It's a bittersweet day for me. I LOVE photo shoot days! Jessica and Becky are the photographers for the day! Which means "I" am going to be IN FRONT of the camera. *Ba-dum-bum* As I have mentioned, I've spent plenty of time before in front of a camera. Yet, I'm still a serious awkward turtle there.  I just know that these photos are going to turn out INCREDIBLE, even with my awkward turtle moments. I will post some of the photos when we get them all edited.  

On my post with the final photos, I will list everyone of the LOVELY ladies that participated because I am SUPER excited to be a part of this shoot even though it means I have to be in front of the camera. *I think I feel my eye starting to twitch* 

More about this nation wide project can be found here. Embrace The Industry .

Love, Light, and Blessings to you and yours, 


JNT Photography

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