Tipping your Wedding Vendors..What?? You're supposed to do that??!?!?!

The brides are probably looking at the title of the blog saying the same thing it says. There are NO HARD and rules of etiquette when it comes to tipping wedding vendors. It really comes down to good of a job that vendor does and how you feel that they did. The other thing is that for some of the vendors it does NOT have to be a CASH tip!!! 

Usually the question I hear is do you have to tip your Wedding Vendors? . Followed immediately by "Who?" "How much?" and then  "Do I really have to?"

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Engagement Photos - Why!?!?!

BWAHAHAHA!! Yes!!.. I'm baaaaaack with another list!! And YES!! Joe is still out of town.. *cue the duct tape peeling when he gets home* 

This time it's about Engagement Sessions...  I've had people look at me funny when I have engagement sessions included in ALL my wedding packages.  A typical response I get is 

"I don't think we want to do them, even if they're free. What do people even use them for? What's the reason to do them?"

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I have been having a lot of people asking me questions about what they should do and what they should know to ask photographers. I don't mind being open and honest, I want my clients to be well informed and to be able to come to me knowing that they have someone that is going to give them the best service and they are going to have FUN, have memories of the time they spend with us at our sessions, and have beautiful artwork at the end of everything.

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