A snowy engagement shoot.. In April?!?!?!

Welcome to Wyoming in the Spring. LOL  

Ryan and Monica were such good sports. And I do believe Monica enjoyed the snow!! I was a bit unsure how she survived wearing a dress in the cold. And I have to admit I was relieved when she changed to jeans!! All though it wasn't sub-zero, I was still wearing my snow suit. HAHAHA! Joe and I took them up to the mountains for the shoot. The main roads were clear, but some of the snow was even knee deep on Joe! And that's saying something!

They drove down from North Dakota for their engagement shoot and we will be going up to them for their wedding later this year. 

We had such a blast with the two of them. They even broke out their WWE wrestling belts!!  


Love, Light, and Blessings to you and yours, 


JNT Humes Photography

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