We missed you!! Where have you guys been?

Hi guys!!! I know it's been a LONG LONG time since "I" have posted.  Catch up on what has been going on!! We have been uber busy!!  Baby photos, weddings, our new rock climber photos, etc.. Joe has been working out of town A LOT!

And then......I blew up, not torn, not just messed it up a little, I BLEW UP my right knee ACL. You might ask yourself, (or me lol), "How the heck?!?!?!?" Well, I was exercising at home did a simple step exercising and my knee went crazy. It went backwards and then to the side! Talk about PAIN!!! OH MY GOSH! 

For those of you who don't know, I have a genetic condition that is called Ehler's Danlos Syndrome. Short explanation of what means is basically the collagen in my body is defective. All of my joints.. and I do mean all of my joints are hyper-flexible. During the night, my ankles, my feet, my wrists, my thumbs and sometimes my shoulder all dislocate or partially dislocate, so when I wake up I am putting everything back in place. Again, you're probably saying "OUCH!! That sounds painful!" Well DUH! Yes, it is. I'm in chronic pain daily, I just have learned to live with it all, with the help of my doctors. Bonus part of E.D.S, is that I have super soft skin, and look way younger than I really am. If you want to know more about E.D.S, please let me know and I'll explain it more detailed privately.


Anyway, back to what happened to my knee. When I did it, Joe was out of town working. I taped up my knee with thoughts that I had just dislocated it in a big way... Errrr.... The tape didn't hold it in place... it kept dislocating and was rather painful.. So I went to the doctor and found out that my ACL was pretty much gone. Off to surgery I go, right in the middle of wedding season.. UGHS!  Joe has been so wonderful! He took care of me during the recovery and still is when my knee or E.D.S. acts up. He definitely has some stories to tell about me coming out of surgery and being stoned from the medications that they gave me during my surgery driving home from Casper. LOL I still laugh when he tells me. I am SO thankful he didn't decide to video me during that time. Wait.. or did he? Hmm maybe I should check his phone for any incriminating videos.. HAHAHAHA!  

So, needless to say between what we already had on our schedule, Joe being out of town with his day job and physical therapy, I've not had a lot of time to do blog posts. And now I'm back here!!! Thanks to Joe, my doctors and my physical therapists, I am back on the mend and my knee is way better! 

I'll probably post some more blogs so be on the lookout for more. Especially since Joe is out of town so much, (hahahahah!!) I might even do a few lists, I'll just have to hide the duct tape before he comes home. 

Love, Light and Blessings to you and yours!


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