Admitting getting lost is tough to do - a blog by Joe...

“The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.”

― Nancy Wynne Newhall

I will never be able to live this down, I got lost in the Big Horns the other weekend.  We were supposed meets some friends who were up there rock climbing. I got directions to the place we were supposed to be, we loaded up the cameras and other gear and off we headed. Got to where I thought we needed to be…….not lol. It was an old logging road to nowhere close to our shoot location (little insider knowledge for you all, I was off by a mile and half). Cruised back and forth looking for this area where we suppose to meet everyone. Finally got enough service on the old cell phone to get a message and figure out we (by saying we I mean I) screwed up on the directions to the area. SOOOOOOO I heading to the right the area and guess what……………………….I took the wrong turn at the cabin. HAHAHAHAHA Eventually, we did get some wonderful nature pictures in the woods we found ourselves in. Lucky enough we got cell service again and got heading in the right spot (yes, I got us to the right spot) with the help of a wonderful couple we ran in to along the way. We went down thru the river and over the hills. Everyone was so happy when we finally got to the shoot. We got GREAT shots of the climbers, of the birds, our new friends, the mountains, and nature.

We may have not been on time for the shoot on this day, but I would never give up what we were able to catch that day. From the spring flowers in the hills to our friend on top of the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming.

Love, Light, and Blessings,