The SMALL STUFF!!! Don't SWEAT it!! YOU Got this!!!

I know .. *sigh*.. My Lovelies I know it's been like FOREVER since I've written a blog.  HOLY COW! JNT has been busy!! We have had Boudoir clients, baby clients, engagement photo sessions, and a WEDDINGS! In addition to the crazy home life of selling a horse, a extra house that we had, and Joe being out of town working....  With that said, he was home to help me with the wedding and gave me advice on the small stuff that I had to deal with on the home stuff. 

In thinking about that small stuff I dealt with at home and shooting the wedding. In talking to the bride who's wedding we did during this time, the small stuff what kicked her hiney the most.. SO this blog is about the small stuff and how not to let it get to you!!!! I will talk about how to deal with the different things and issues that can seem HUGE when you look at them and in reality they are small. 

1 - Ceremony Songs - 

Start with songs that you and your guy like or mean something to you two. Then see how they would fit in to your theme you have in mind for your ceremony.  Easy peasy you have your songs!!!

2 - Vows - 

A couple things to think about when you start to think about vows - 

  1. Is your ceremony leaning towards traditional? 
  2. Is your ceremony more offbeat? 
  3. Do you want to write your own vows? 
  4. Do you have a blended family?  Do you want your children to have an important part of the ceremony itself?
  5. Are you going to do something like a unity candle, sand or glass? 

Once you think about those things, talk to your officiant and ask for their help on deciding what works best for you and your financé. 

3 - Rehearsal - 

Some officiants aren't always there for a rehearsal. Yep, you read that right.. Some really and truly don't do it. Which is part of the reason, I'm a HUGE advocate of having a wedding planner. Having a wedding planner can be there and make sure you know what to do on the day of your wedding! And if you have children that are going to be involved in your wedding, having a rehearsal I think it's pretty much essential to have a rehearsal so the  kiddos know where and what to do. 


RELAX!!! IT IS YOUR and YOUR MAN'S DAY!!! Do NOT worry about the small stuff!! Enjoy the moment!! I'm serious, don't worry about all the little things that "could" go wrong. Even if it is a speedo clad photo bomber!!  Just breathe!!! SMILE!!! Laugh!! Dance!! ENJOY the moment!! and REMEMBER to kiss your MAN!!! HAHAHAHA!!! 

Love, Light, and Blessings to you and yours, 


JNT Humes Photography, LLC 

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