Tanner, my first Senior Guy that will be graduating 2016!!

So you saw Tanner's girlfriend yesterday, Alicia, and a sneak of his photos with them as a couple. Tanner's photos turned out just as awesome as Alicia's! Tanner is more understated and quite at times than some teens. Then again, he has a right to be, he's got his path thought out in front of him. He's already signed up and going forward soon after he graduates. 

Tanner has big plans for his futures.  Joe and I were so honored to take this young man's senior photos! 

He's serious but so full of smiles and laughter at times. We really did have fun times!! 

Tanner was a great sport, he helped Joe with the kitty wrangling when he wasn't in front of the camera because Nodie, our resident kitty photobomber, is such a professional! Nodie can require more than one wrangler at times! HAHAHAHA! 

Love, Light, and Blessings to you and yours


JNT Humes Photography