Adventures with Brandii & Cory an Engagement Shoot..

This past Sunday, Joe and I went on an adventure with Brandii and Cory to shoot their engagement session. Our guide was Cindy Shade.  Cindy helped guide us to to a secluded GORGEOUS ROMANTIC location that is on a private ranch that we just can't share.. but I can tell you it's just breath takingly romantic and so serene none of us really wanted to leave when it came time to go home! 

Brandii and Cory are so much fun! They are all smiles, laughs, and ever so much in love!  It was so easy to do their session! 

Well, that is until the inevitable happens.. a PHOTOBOMBING kitten.. in this case it was two kittens, a puppy, and a rattlesnake!!  YES, you read that correctly!! A rattlesnake, well it didn't really photobomb us, but it did definitely make the session come to a screeching halt when Cindy spotted the kittens and puppy stop photobombing us and try to play with the snake! All three of us ladies went into total girl mode! We were either on top of big rock or behind it! Joe and Cory dispatched the rattlesnake rather quickly. Mainly Cory, since Joe went to get a "snake charmer" out of the truck.  The snake had 14 "buttons", which for Wyoming is a big rattlesnake! Cory got to take home his trophy buttons! 







Back to Brandii and Cory session!! They were such good sports and got right back into the swing of session. All smiles, laughing, and full of love again was showing again. We were kitty and puppy photobomber wrangling, laughing the entire time.  Joe and I are going to have soooo much fun at Brandii and Cory's wedding!! They're going to be a blast to do so many fun things! 

Until next time!! 

Love, Light, and Blessings to you and yours, 


JNT Humes Photography

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