Annastasia, Senior 2016 - All Smiles, giggles, flips, a kitten, and a horse?!

Yes.. I'm walking in shame.. I promised a blog last Saturday because Joe was still out of town. The good news is that he got home EARLIER than expected so I didn't get it done. YAY for me. Bad for ya'll. So I will make it up with NOT one but TWO in one day!! I have Anna's Senior session Sneak Peek and YES!! I have LIST one later tonight!! I might even have a few more sneak peeks on Facebook of Brandii and Cory's engagement session that I have been working on because I FELL IN love SOOOO many of their images!! 

Annastasia is quite the giggle box too! and was all smiles while we were doing her shoot. It took some time to get her to do a few serious poses, but I got a few. Here and there. I think this is one is one of my favorites.. wait.. yeah I can't really pick a favorite on her photos. It's just one of the serious ones that I like.  

Annastasia is a gymnast! I went and visited her gym, Summit Gymnastics, in Buffalo where she was practicing and took some shots there. It was quite fun to remember times WAY WAY WAY back in the day, we just won't mention how long ago that was for me, we just will say it was a long time ago.  Besides, I wasn't the caliber that some of these girls are... Holy Smokes Batgirl!!! Her coach, Hal Halvorson, was such awesome help!! Made suggestions on good gymnastic poses and even took a balance beam outside to get some nice outdoors shots! 

I promised the adorable kitten.. well here he is. :) 

The last photo I'm going to post is one of those last minute poses that turned out awesome.... I had Annastasia jump on top of the hay bales and told her to just strike a pose! This is what we got!!!

Love, Light, and Blessings to you and yours, 


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