Embrace the Industry shoot! Behind the Scenes.. a little sneak.

I've been SUPER blessed that Joe has been home all week. However, that means no list blog for you guys. (I'm still recovering from the Attack of the Pink Duct tape. I had to switch to using my pink camo duct tape so I don't twitch when I look at it.) 

The GOOD news is I can give everyone some sneak peaks at the behind the scenes photos that Joe took when we did the Embrace the Industry photo shoot last Sunday with all the lovely ladies.  

The other ladies that participated in this project are: 

Michelle Alspaw-English 
Becky Pickrel
Cassandra Pickrel
Deanna Phoenix
Desirree Miller
Jessica Lass 
Lila Jo Young

We also had Lezly Delgado out there, who is a local talented makeup artist. She did half of the ladies' makeup for the shoot. (Michelle, Cassandra, Becky, & Deanna)

Joe and I took our RV out there to try and have some protection from the heat and bugs. Even though we didn't really use it until the end, it was fun to just have it there. Joe didn't only take some really great behind the scenes photos. He also was our man on the scene who did bug fogging, heavy lifting, and he was our "kitty wrangler". Yes, yes, you read that right. That 6'2" of a man was wrangling not one but two adorable orange and white tiger striped affectionate photo bombing kittens. At one point, he had both of them purring and sleeping in his lap. I thought he was going to fall asleep!

These are in NO way the final products!! Those are just TOO awesome to share just yet!! The team of editors are working like crazy women and just having WAY too much fun! When they're ready to share them, I will most definitely will share them with everyone because I'm just as excited as everyone else to see the final products!! 

Love, Light, and blessings to you and yours, 


JNT Humes Photography