What to do with your wedding photos after the wedding?

YES!! Believe it or NOT, I have had requests!! Yes, REQUESTS for another list!! I think Joe's going to definitely put me in to some sort of therapy.. I really do. HA! 

What did you do with our photos after the wedding? Do you have them all up in our house? Do you have an album? If you have an album, do you get it out and look at it regularly? … I mean, you could put one or two up, but what if you live in a small apartment or house.... and you don't want to turn it into a wedding selfie themed house or make it look like you're stuck on yourself.

1 - Frame them

Well, my office is small and being a photographer I want to display all aspects of my photography portfolio so I'm conscious of not wanting to turn our small space into some kind of wedding altar. I suggest that you have a framed photo on a bedside table, and a series of photos hung in a funky frame on the wall.  I found that a digital frame was an excellent way to display ALL your favorite wedding pics without looking wedding obsessed. 

Another idea is to print your wedding vows and have your photographer print a few photos of your favorite photos then frame them all together. I have our vows framed and did this making our vows looking antiqued with a torn/burned edge. I really love the effect! 

2 - Photo albums

Perhaps your photographer included an album in their pricing? I know in a couple of my packages I include albums.  If not, you can always make your own, if you received the digital files or purchased them. 

As far as "how often do you look at your wedding album?" Well, that definitely varies on you!  I know a couple that made a coffee table book of their wedding photos and it lives on their, well, coffee table. And, since it's right in front of their guests, it gets broken out and thumbed through a lot. There are some GORGEOUS album options out there now, that you wouldn't believe are available!! 

Lab Sample Images

Lab Sample Images

3 - Cards

Your favorite wedding or engagement photo (or photos) make great personalized holidays cards. You could also use them for all your thank you cards. What if you eloped, or had a small wedding and want to make announcements? Do it with a wedding or engagement photo.

4 - Gifts

One couple we did got  EVERYONE got a special wedding photo for Christmas — her dad got a framed photo of him walking her down the aisle, her mom and parents-in-law got personalized albums focused on their sides of the family, her best friends got pics of all of them together, etc. She special ordered them through us and had each of them personalized for each member of the family. And YES! We can do that!! 

5 - Art

The great thing about professional photos is that the quality is so great that you can enlarge your pictures and make big pieces of art to hang on the wall. I love this because it's a bit funkier than a framed photo and clustering canvas prints together can create a really cool artistic "moment" in a room. I love the juxtaposition of the detail shot (shoes) with the portraits. I've also seen couples blow up their favorite wedding photo to be the large art piece over their fireplace.

Just do SOMETHING!!! Don't let them sit on a USB somewhere and rot. PLEASE!! 

Love, Light, and Blessings to you and yours


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