A Blog post by Joe!! And this one is EXCITING!!!!!!

We were honored last night to be invited to the Wyoming Mining Association and Wyoming Coal Information Committee  fundraiser hosted  by Jordan's Restaurant and Bold Republic as the event Photographers. Thank you to everybody with Jordan's, Pinnacle Bank, Bold Republic, and the Wyoming Mining Association for having us at this event. We felt very Blessed meeting new friends and being able to see our old friends.

Dick and Liz Cheney spent some time signing books and talking to several people and then talked and answered some questions in an open forum. They are great people all the way around. Seeing the both of them in an event like this was one of the great moments I'll always remember. And of course there were jokes made about the "buckshot" incident, and you have to give Mr. Cheney credit he still laughs about it! 

Last night was so surreal for me because I was behind a camera for an event like this. I'm used to chasing a wedding party around or waiting for just the right light on a mountain. I'm in awe though of being allowed to stand within feet of Dick and Liz Cheney. The funny part of all of this is that Tiff was doing her best to keep the reins pulled in on me, but I still got to yell "GO POKES". That is when I got the best moment of the night, a big cheesy smile from Mr. Cheney. I missed the picture because of me acting up, but Tiff nailed it. 

We finished the night with a superb meal and drinks from Jordan's topped off with great company of old and new friends.

I'm still a little foggy this morning, still drinking coffee. I know that I need to get ready for a wedding today, yet I am still remembering last night.

Thank you to Dick and Liz Cheney, Glenn Woods and the Bold Republic family, The Fishers, the fantastic staff at Jordan's restaurant, Pinnacle Bank, The Wyoming Mining Association,  and all our new and old friends we saw there.  We donated all of our time and will be donating all of the print rights to the Wyoming Mining Association so they can use them for their future promotions. 

Oh, and one more thing......GO POKES!


As Seen in The Knot Magazine