Shupick's Tie the Knot!!

If you have been following my blog then you have been following the Shupicks from their engagement shoot, their family shoot, and even their oldest having her senior session, you just didn't know Mikki belonged to them.. (HA! Gotcha didn't I?)

Back to the MOST IMPORTANT part of this blog the SHUPICKS!!! THEY WALKED DOWN THE ISLE!! THE DID IT!! AND I COULD NOT have been happier to have been a part of their day. And there is NO way I could have done it with out the help of Jeff Miller, of WyoPhoto.  Joe was called out of town on his day job, so there was no way he could be my second shooter.  And THANKS again Lyzy for helping on the photo booth!!

It was so much fun seeing old friends, meeting new ones and meeting their families.  Going through some of the photos I had to just take a laughter break because I was in tears and couldn't see. I truly hope that Chris, Stephanie, and their families treasure these memories as much as I do. This wedding was just truly so much fun!

So here's just a few photos from the wedding... if you know Chris or Stephanie then you will need to ask them how to see all the photos... :)

Well, between moving our home, my studio, helping my husband's parents move their home and everthing that involves getting 40 acres of virgin land ready to live on... shooting the Shupick's wedding.. packing.. Whew!! yeah.. We've been a touch busy to say the least. We still have a lot going on. Some finishing up at the old house and old property and getting my new studio up and going, (more blogs and photos on that to come the excitment on that is OVER THE MOON and it's been super secret).



Love, light and blessings to you and yours,