First day - Blogging and my renewing my passion for photography!!

Body decided to wake up at 4.. So I'm getting on with my day... 

Make Coffee - Check
Take crack pill (my prescriptions meds) - Check
Make today's to do list 
very quietly put clean dishes away - Check
Wait until 5:30 and wake Joe and hand him coffee then make hasty retreat - Check
Give Smooches to Joe when he leaves for work - Check
Make Laundry softener - Check
Start Laundry - Check
Put Dogs outside - Check
Do a quick peruse of Facebook - Check 

Start my first blog - Check (well kind of.. since I'm typing it now)

My game plan this week is to get our house back organized and in tip top shape.. among lots of other things that my crack pill accentuated O.C.D. can think of.. LOL

To get started I'll tell you a touch about me - I live in a small town about 30 miles East of Gillette, Wyoming named Moorcroft. I've had a long standing love affair with photography that started many years ago when I was really young. I did some modeling and some commercials and was just fascinated with the camera and everything that went with it. Then in my high school, (GO HORNETS!), they offered a photography class and I was SO EXCITED!! I spent as much time as I could in that class, then in the dark room developing my pictures, learning the old school of color correction and retouching by hand, (yes I'm that old.. we didn't have digital cameras back then). After high school and some college life took hold with my first marriage, full time job, having children and being a mom. 

Now my kids are all grown up and have babies of their own, and I have a different husband who I adore and is AWESOME. I have to admit my husband and I have the best relationship. We support one another through everything and laugh along the way.  Don't get me wrong, we aren't perfect. We are just perfect for each other. 

About two and a half years ago, my health started taking a downward turn. Things that shouldn't dislocate did and my strength was waning.  So we started on an adventure to find out what was happening to my body.  12 MRI's later, so not so pleasant nerve testing, a lumbar puncture, and a multitude of blood tests, we found out some answers and are still searching for the rest that have to take time to show their ugly heads. My AWESOME husband has been with me all along the way. What we did find out so far is that I have a rare genetic disorder named Ehler's Danlos Syndrome, (EDS for short), and Raynaud's phenomenon.  If you have questions about these, let me know and I'll be happy to explain because this blog is about my photography and my adventures with it. (Maybe if I have enough questions about it, I'll even make a blog about my EDS and etc.) 

A before and After of one our clients

A before and After of one our clients

One of my best friends came to visit and brought her digital camera (that I almost ruined drooling over). It was about that time that my health issues started increasing so, shortly afterwards, my husband bought me my first digital camera. He knew I had a passion for photography and thought I needed something that I could focus on instead of worrying about what was to come from all the health problems. I became quite the shutterbug while experimenting with my new camera. And my passion for photography grew leaps and bounds. Then I learned how to use the different editing programs (see the before and after pic). Did I mention that I have an AWESOME husband?!? 

Little Miss Lilly's feet

Little Miss Lilly's feet

My ever supportive husband mentioned to me one day that he thought I should venture out and start doing it professionally.  It took some time and some serious thought because I wasn't sure if that is what I "should" do, even though it was what I desperately wanted to do... so after about a year of thinking about it we decided it was time to go for it. So here I am!! Doing my first blog, and LOVING and feeling so very blessed that I have a husband that is so supportive and believes in me and my photography work. Because my husband and I are partners in everything, we named my photography business "JNT Humes Photography" (His name is Joe and mine is Tiffany.. the rest.. well that's self explanatory LOL). My husband has enough faith in me and my photography, we were able to make the decision for me to quit my full time job and start doing photography full time! To be honest, it's scary but so exciting at the same time! Currently, we have a studio set up in our home while we are moving to our new location and getting our "official" studio set up. 

As if you can't tell by my style of writing, I'm a bit a loon at times and I am most definitely fun loving. I hope that you enjoy my photos and my blogging in the future because I know I'm going to have a blast doing it!

Now I'm off to start organizing the game room and setting up my home office.. YAY! 

Love, Light and blessings!! 


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By the way.. my signature pic is one of my favorite of my husband and I.  I didn't take it - the best friend whom I drooled over her camera did.. .LOVE YOU Michelle!! 

By the way.. my signature pic is one of my favorite of my husband and I.  I didn't take it - the best friend whom I drooled over her camera did.. .LOVE YOU Michelle!!